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We translate any type of document in over 90 languages.
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Most documents are delivered within 1-2 business days when selecting our standard First Class speed.
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Certified Legal Translations in Over 90 Languages

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 Affordable Legal Translation Services for Individuals and Organizations

Our friendly and professional staff at The Translation Group will provide you with the absolute best legal translation services.

Certified Legal Translators for 90+ Languages

The language experts we provide are amongst the best working today. We regularly handle translations for contracts, immigration documentation (USCIS), articles of incorporation, decrees, legal certificates, land titles, and many more legal services in over ninety global languages.

Total Accuracy Is Always Guaranteed

Several Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and critical institutions recommend and rely on The Translation Group for their legal language needs. This is because every document we translate is carefully reviewed, examined, and double-checked for accuracy by our experts.

Same-Day Legal Translation Services

Our standard services guarantee translations in as little as one to two days. However, we also offer same-day expedited services that allow you to meet even the most demanding requirements confidently. Same-day translations still carry our guarantee of absolute accuracy so there is no risk.

Real Translators, Real Legal Language Solutions

Don’t trust your essential legal translations to sub-bar translators or those who overuse unreliable machines. Our legal translators must meet rigorous performance standards (including being human) and are considered amongst the top 1% of the industry. Every word we translate is checked multiple times for accuracy by a real expert.
Legal Translations in Over 90 Languages

With The Translation Group, you have access to translation and certification services for over 90 languages and complex and demanding industries such as the medical and legal fields. The “language barrier” has never looked so small.

24/7 Multilingual Customer Service
Legal translation can seem complex, but we will make it simple. Contact our friendly and helpful multilingual support staff today and our comprehensive customer service network will provide you with answers to your questions and will help you to figure out precisely what services you need.
Get a Translation Started in Minutes
At The Translation Group, we not only provide high-speed and accurate language translation services, but we do so through an online portal that is simple and easy to use. You can get an official legal translation started with only a few clicks for any of our 90+ supported languages.
Total Confidentiality and Security
We understand how important privacy is for individuals and organizations at all levels. Every single piece of data we are given is stored behind highly sophisticated encryption, and all of our translators must sign non-disclosure agreements before they can begin to work with us.
International Certifications Made Easy
The Translation Group adheres to the strictest and most up-to-date translation guidelines available. Our work sets the bar for quality and expertise when providing certifications and notarizations for various immigration, medical, and legal translations. We are a comprehensive language service.
Get Started in a Few Simple Steps
Get your translation process started by following the simple steps below. If you have questions, please reach out to our friendly and helpful staff at any time. We are ready to address any and all questions or concerns you may have.

How It Works

Select Your Service
The Translation Group’s process is simple and straightforward. The first step is to let us know which languages and services you require. For example, let us know if you need a certified legal translation.
Select Your Speed
We understand you may urgently need a certified translation. While all our work is done in an incredible 1 to 2-day timescale, expedited same-day options are also available.
Submit Your Documents
Simply scan your document, fax it, email it, or snap a picture and send it through when placing your order.
Finalize Your Order and Receive Your Translation
Checkout online in less than 5 minutes. If you have any issues or special requirements, please let us know or give us a call, and we will walk you through the process.

Get Certified Legal Translation Services

Comprehensive Legal Language Solutions

The Translation Group's rigorous translating protocol meets all major global requirements for certified translations. When you use our language services, you will receive a certificate of translation for applicable documents at no extra charge. We can also provide notary services.

100% Accuracy Is Guaranteed

Precision is paramount in legal documents to protect lives, property, and even freedom. Our legal expertise and double-review method ensures complete accuracy for all of your important papers, even those containing complex technical or legal terminology.

Speak to Any Global Community With Confidence

The Translation Group has worked with governments and academic institutions all over the globe. We can format, translate, and prepare a document properly for nearly every purpose, including in many underserved and rare languages.

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Testimonials and Reviews

We are proud of the relationships we build with our customers. Here is what real people like you have to say about our online translation services:

Our law firm regularly needs certified translations for court proceedings in Los Angeles, and issues with a past translation company were almost devastating to one of our cases. Needless to say, we have been very selective about who we work with ever since. Time and again, we found The Translation Group’s services to be the fastest, most accurate, and most cost-effective of the currently available options. The court has always accepted their translations without any issues.

Amanda Evans, Los Angeles, California

 Dealing with USCIS was a nightmare before I found The Translation Group. The number of legal documents I needed to be translated and the various certification and notarizations they required was so far beyond what I understood that I had nearly given up. The Translation Group experts helped me out and got me everything I needed well under the deadlines I thought I had already missed.

Edward Arroyo, San Antonio, Texas

Samples of Our Professional Document Translation Services

The Translation Group is proud of the quality and accuracy of all the work we deliver.
The following are actual work samples of our language translation services

Birth Certificate

Marriege Certificate


FBI Background Check

Frequently Asked Questions
People are constantly typing into their search bars looking for “legal documents translation near me” or “where is a legal translation center near me,” hoping to find nearby translators who can provide legal translation services. This makes sense because legal translations have many unique requirements, and it was rare to find an agency that could manage all of these complex tasks digitally. For a long time, getting certified translations required looking for “legal translation services near me” and hoping for the best. However, with The Translation Group, you can stop searching for a “legal translation office near me” or “legal document translation services near me” and instead get the services of the top language experts from anywhere on the planet. We can provide certified legal translations for 90+ languages and virtually all major countries. Get the best legal translation in the USA
Yes! All of our language teams contain legal translators, which allows us to provide you with legal certified translation services including the translation of a birth certificate. In fact, we can offer a wide variety of certified legal document translation options.
Yes! The Translation Group is a legal certified translation company and can provide a legal translation of a marriage certificate for several languages and countries. Contact us today, and we will be happy to get started. We can also provide all necessary certifications and notarizations as required. Our legal document translation services are considered amongst the best in the world.
Yes, we offer the services of a legal translator for Spanish to English as well as English to Spanish legalized translations. In fact, we can provide you with a legal translation in over 90 languages! This means you can get a German to English legal translation, a legal translation in Hindi, a Portuguese to English legal translation or any of several other language combinations.

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Why So Many Choose The Translation Group for Their Legal Document Translation Needs

The Translation Group is quickly becoming the number one legal translation company on the planet thanks to a combination of outstanding service, unerring accuracy, and expedited turnaround times. No other legal document translation service offers all of these traits in a single easy-to-use package. We can provide the legal translation of documents as well as several other legal language translation services.

The Translation Group LLC is a first-class certified legal translation agency that reliably serves the modern needs of global trade, education, and immigration. Get a certified translation of legal documents today!

Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support
Fast Turnaround
Complete Accuracy
Includes Notarization Certificate if requested
Professional Privacy and Security

The Best Legal Translation Services Now in Over 90 Languages!

Traditionally, you needed to find a specialized expert by searching “translate legal documents near me,” and hope that you had a quality translator nearby. Today, with The Translation Group you can say that you always have a legal translation near me. In fact, now that you have seen what we can do for you, it’s time to get started! Our friendly multilingual staff is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and begin your translations. Call today and get a professional translator working on your behalf.

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