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Sworn Translation Services for 90+ Languages

The Translation Group Offers Guaranteed Acceptance by the Government of Spain

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 Internationally Accepted Certified Sworn Translations

Get translations signed and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain or from agencies representing several other countries.

Award-Winning Same-Day Services

The Translation Group has been recognized for our reliable and time-efficient translation services. We can provide you with a guaranteed sworn translation in under twenty-four hours when you ask us to use our expedited services. Our standard sworn translations are completed in as little as one to two days.

Top-Rated Translations for Official Documentation

With The Translation Group, you will receive the services of top language professionals. We are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation as well as several other international organizations to provide certified sworn translations (including certification by a sworn translator, ‘traductor jurado’).

Lower Prices for the Top Sworn Translators

Pay less and get more when you come to The Translation Group for your translation services. We offer guarantees for the best prices on all of our language services. This means you not only get to work with the top language professionals in the world, but you can do so at the lowest possible prices.

Certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Translation Group has a vast team of translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This means we can provide you with a certified sworn Spanish translation in no time. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your documentation.
Internationally Accepted Certified Sworn Translations

With The Translation Group, you have access to translation and certification services for over 90 languages and complex and demanding industries such as the medical and legal fields. The “language barrier” has never looked so small.

Translations on a Global Scale
The Translation Group provides our award-winning services in over ninety global languages! In addition to delivering sworn translations for Spain, we can also help you translate the proper documents for nearly any country on the globe! When you need a sworn translation, you need The Translation Group.
Accuracy is Always Guaranteed
We pride ourselves on our unerring accuracy and commitment to excellence. Our exacting standards are why many companies, government agencies, and critical institutions recommend and rely on us for their official language needs. Do not settle for less when you require error-free documentation.
Get Sworn Translations Started Easily
Sworn translations have never been more accessible. At The Translation Group, we take every step possible to ensure your experience is as easy and straightforward as possible. It only takes a few clicks and a few minutes, and you will have an experienced translator working on your behalf.
Secure and Confidential Services
Every piece of information given to us is protected by state-of-the-art encryption, and all of our translators must sign non-disclosure agreements. We ensure your privacy at every stage of the process and will never release your info to a third-party.

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Get your translation process started by following the simple steps below. If you have questions, please contact our multilingual, friendly, and helpful staff anytime. We are ready to address any and all questions or concerns you may have.

How It Works

Select Your Service
The Translation Group’s process is simple and straightforward. The first step is to let us know which languages and services you require. For example, let us know if you need a sworn English translation.
Select Your Speed
We understand you may urgently need a certified translation. While all of our work is done in an incredible 1 to 2-day timescale, expedited same-day options are also available.
Submit Your Documents
Simply scan your document, fax it, email it, or snap a picture and send it through when placing your order.
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Checkout online in less than 5 minutes. If you have any issues or special requirements, please let us know or give us a call, and we will walk you through the process.

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Globally Recognized Certified Sworn Translations

With The Translation Group you can easily get a signed and stamped certification authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores) or from the agency that represents the country you are dealing with. We are ready to help you no matter where in the world life takes you.

Total Accuracy Is Always Guaranteed

All sworn translations provided by The Translation Group go through multiple stages of meticulous verification for accuracy and completeness. Every document that we provide to our customers is guaranteed to be error-free and written to the highest possible professional standards.

Certified Translators for 90+ Global Languages

The language experts we provide are amongst the best working today. In addition to offering a sworn translator of English, we can also translate between any possible language combination. Translate to and from nearly any major global language quickly and with complete accuracy.

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Testimonials and Reviews

We are proud of the relationships we build with our customers. Here is what real people like you have to say about our online translation services:

"I've been working with The Translation Group for several years now. Every time I have had to deal with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain, I have turned to them. I know that I can rely on The Translation Group to deliver the top-quality documentation I need on a timescale that allows me greater flexibility in my work. No local service here in Los Angeles can even come close."

Alexander Cruz, Los Angeles, California

 "The Translation Group was a total lifesaver last month. I needed a sworn translation by the next day, or I risked some heft delays. They were able to get me what I needed super-fast and well within the required time. They also cost less than the other option I considered, which is probably worth mentioning.

- Peter Renault, Madrid, Spain

Samples of Our Professional Document Translation Services

The Translation Group is proud of the quality and accuracy of all the work we deliver.
The following are actual work samples of our language translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The many interchangeable terms when it comes to language services can get confusing. To make it simple, the title of ‘Sworn Translator’ is given by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is used by authorized personnel to create sworn translations from foreign language documents. In Spain, most government institutions require all documents written in a foreign language to be presented in the form of a sworn translation. A certified translation fulfills the requirements of a specific country, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements can vary dramatically between countries. Like many countries, Spain is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, meaning that any official document needs an apostille from the Secretary of State. This creates a simplified method of “authenticating” documents for universal recognition. The Translation Group also specializes in providing Apostille services. An official translation is a loose term for a translation done by a translator certified by one of several language organizations around the globe.
While it used to be a smart move to find a local sworn public translator in your area, especially since reliability and expedience were often an issue with online services, these days, the game has changed. We make it so that rather than Google something like “sworn Spanish translator near me” and hope for the best, you can rest easy knowing you have one source for all of your top language services. It is now easier, faster, and more cost-effective to get a sworn translator than ever before when you work with The Translation Group. We not only offer you the best sworn translators, but we do so along with the guaranteed fastest and most accurate services possible. So, stop typing “sworn translator near me” into the search bar, and instead, make The Translation Group your language partner.
When you work with The Translation Group, you can get a whole host of translations done in as little as 24 hours! Simply select our expedited services along with your translation options (for example, select if you want the services of a sworn translator for Polish to English), and we will get working right away. You will get your sworn translation back in 24 hours and often much less. Most of our services only take 1-2 days, but a same-day expedited service is available. Same-day options are available for selections, such as a sworn Polish translator or Spanish sworn translator.
We get asked if we can provide the services of an English sworn translator, or a sworn translator of Spanish to English, or some variation of this question. The thing is, The Translation Group can work effectively in over 90 different languages! So, the chances are we can provide the services you need. If you are trying to get sworn translations for an exceptionally rare language, contact our service team, and we will see if we have a way to work with you. A sworn translator in the USA may play a different role than those in other countries. We are also often asked if we can provide the services of a court sworn translator or a sworn court interpreter; however, these are very different roles (we provide translations, not interpretations), and many will ask for the wrong form of services. Keep in mind that many of the terms such as “official,” “sworn,” “translation,” and “interpretation” can be confusing and are often misused. Contact our friendly, helpful staff today if you are not clear on what form of language services you need.

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Why Choose The Translation Group for Your Sworn Translation Services?

You have no shortage of options available to you when it comes to sworn translation services; however, The Translation Group offers a level of quality and reliability that is unmatched by other companies. The Translation Group is a world-class industry leader serving both individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies all over the world, and all of our work comes with both a best-price guarantee as well as a guarantee of total accuracy.

The Translation Group LLC is a leader in providing the services of a registered sworn translator as well as translations that reliably serve the needs of global trade, education, and immigration.

Not only do we offer the best prices and services, but we do so at your convenience. Get the services of a public sworn translator with the click of a button and get the work returned to you in as little as 24 hours! It has never been easier or faster to work with a certified sworn translator. Our sworn translation price is also guaranteed to be the lowest around or we will match the offer.

Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support
Fast Turnaround
Complete Accuracy
Includes Notarization Certificate if requested
Professional Privacy and Security

Certified Foreign Language Translator Services in Over 90 Languages!

Now that you have seen what we can do for you, it’s time to get started! Our friendly multilingual staff is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and begin your translations. Call today and get a professional translator working on your behalf.

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