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Medical Translation Services in 90+ Languages

Easier and More Affordable Certified Medical Translation Services

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 Reliable Medical Translations for Individuals, Organizations, and Providers

Translations for all aspects of the medical industry, including personal records, pharmaceutical instructions, hospital intake and discharge Forms, HIPAA and other privacy materials, medical marketing, and much more!

Real Translators With Real Solutions

Medical translations are not only often complex, but even the most minor mistake can result in catastrophic consequences. This is why you can’t trust medical translations to a machine. At The Translation Group, we use certified translators with years of knowledge in the medical and healthcare industries.

The Services Healthcare Providers Need

Our award-winning language service is backed by leading medical industry and healthcare service experts. We are capable of providing HIPAA-compliant medical translation services, as well as phone-based medical interpreting services. Don’t settle for anything less than the best regarding health.

Certified Medical Document Translation Services

With The Translation Group as your translation agency, you get easy-to-use and reliable translation services for medical texts and documents, manuals, scientific papers, clinical diagnostics, health statistics, and much more! Whether a patient or a healthcare provider, we are ready to serve your needs.

Get No-Delay Medical Language Services

Do not wait when health is on the line. Medical needs happen in real-time, and we are prepared to get the translations you need quickly. At The Translation Group, all our work is typically done within one to two days, and we offer an expedited same-day service when you cannot wait.
Comprehensive Healthcare Language Services
With over the very best medically trained translators at your fingertips and the ability to access over 90 languages, The Translation Group is your number one medical language service. We have made hospital translation services and hospital interpreter services more accessible and more reliable.
100% Secure and Confidential Translations
We know how important maintaining your privacy is and how sensitive medical information can be. This is why we ensure the absolute privacy of all data provided to us, and we will never release your info to a 3rd party. Our servers are backed by sophisticated encryption, and all our translators must sign non-disclosure agreements.
Error-Free Services Guaranteed at All Times
When human health is at stake, you should not risk even the slightest chance for errors. Our translations go through a secondary independent review, and all translators working on the document have proven specialized knowledge in medical concepts and terminology. We always meet the highest standards for accuracy.
Get Medical Translations Started Easily
Our high-speed and accurate translations are backed by a simple and easy-to-use process that allows you to get even complex language services started in only a few minutes. With a couple of clicks, you will have an experienced translator working on your behalf. We ensure you can get and provide quality care in over 90 languages.
Multilingual Customer Service Available 24/7
Have questions about medical or legal translation needs? Not sure where to start? We are here to help you. We have a friendly multilingual support staff ready to answer your questions and assist you in figuring out precisely what translations you may need. You can contact us at any time, any day of the week.

Get Started in a Few Simple Steps

Get your translation process started by following the simple steps below. If you have questions, please reach out to our friendly and helpful staff at any time. We are ready to address any and all questions or concerns you may have.

How It Works

Select Your Service
The Translation Group’s process is simple and straightforward. The first step is to let us know which languages and services you require. For example, let us know if you need a certified medical translation.
Select Your Speed
We understand you may urgently need a certified translation. While all of our work is done in an incredible 1 to 2-day timescale, expedited same-day options are also available.
Submit Your Documents
Simply scan your document, fax it, email it, or snap a picture and send it through when placing your order.

Finalize Your Order and Receive Your Translation

Checkout online in less than 5 minutes. If you have any issues or special requirements, please let us know or give us a call, and we will walk you through the process.

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Helping You To Help Your Patients

Our country is becoming increasingly diverse, and the need to provide services in languages such as Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, and others is growing rapidly. We help health care providers bridge the language gap for patients with limited English proficiency.

A New Age of Healthcare Language Services

Getting reliable language translation for healthcare was often challenging when trying to use online or phone-based services. The Translation Group is setting the standard for what is possible in the digital age and is revolutionizing how healthcare can be delivered to those of various language backgrounds.

Language Solutions for Medical Devices

The Translation Group has worked with governments and academic institutions all over the globe. Meet the demands of the biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical industries with a translation service you can rely on. Connect to international markets and overcome strict standards easily.

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Testimonials and Reviews

We are proud of the relationships we build with our customers. Here is what real people like you have to say about our online translation services:

The Translation Group was able to help me figure out exactly what paperwork I needed and how to manage it when I had a medical emergency while visiting South-East Asia. Thanks to their language experts, I was confident that my doctor in the United States, and those taking care of me in the country, were all on the same page. It was a scary situation, but you guys made it a lot better. Thank you!

Lisa Martinez, Hagerstown, Maryland

 I had to get an emergency procedure done in Houston, but it turned out that someone had lost a portion of the proper paperwork, and I was at risk of not being able to get my surgery in the time allotted. The Translation Group ensured that I had my translation in hand within only a few hours. If you need translation work, I cannot recommend them enough.

Dan Skuljan, Bakersfield California

Samples of Our Medical Document Translation Services

The Translation Group is proud of the quality and accuracy of all the work we deliver.
The following are actual work samples of our translation services

Birth Certificate

Marriege Certificate


FBI Background Check

Frequently Asked Questions
Thanks to The Translation Group, you no longer need to search for “medical translation services near me” and hope that you have a qualified expert in your area. We ensure that qualified and highly trained experts are always standing by to give you perfect medical translations at the best prices, and you can use our services from anywhere in the world where you can find an internet connection.
Yes, with our expedited services, you can get a medical translation done in as little as 24 hours! The Translation Group is more than a simple medical translation company; we are a modern language service capable of offering you professional legal and medical services at lightning-fast speeds. This is what makes us amongst the top medical translation services in the USA.
We get asked a lot about which languages we offer our medical services in. The truth is, we can offer professional medical translation services for almost a hundred languages! Chances are, we can quickly help you with all of your language needs.

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Why The Translation Group Has the Best Medical Translation Services

The Translation Group is a highly capable, world-class medical translation agency that specializes in a wide array of language services. We are making healthcare translation an easy and low-cost option that anyone can afford while still maintaining the accuracy, speed, and quality that makes us invaluable to healthcare providers all over the world.

We offer high-quality, accurate, and efficient translations for individuals and organizations across the globe, and we ensure that, in addition to unparalleled quality and precision, every translation you receive comes with premier customer service and guaranteed on-time delivery.

Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support
Fast Turnaround
Complete Accuracy
Includes Notarization Certificate if requested
Professional Privacy and Security

Certified Foreign Language Translator Services in Over 90 Languages!

Now that you have seen what we can do for you, it’s time to get started! Our friendly multilingual staff is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and begin your translations. Call today and get a professional translator working on your behalf.

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